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Getting Started with SciENcv

We have all been silently dreading our transition in generating the required senior personnel documents in SciENcv. The government even pushed it out a full year after the first announcement of the mandatory formatting change. We are now at go time, with SciENcv being mandatory for NSF proposals due on or after October 23, 2023. This means no more quick fill pdf templates, and even more importantly, telling your collaborators to give them enough time to get you the mandatory documents so that your proposal can successfully make it to the review process. In reality, SciENcv has proven to be a time saver after initially learning how to navigate the site, create your profile, and generate your first documents. It is a great repository for your biosketches and current and pending funding docs, and a way to create these required documents across agencies. If we are telling ourselves the truth, this is a way to streamline generation of these time consuming documents, and possibly it will streamline these documents across agencies so that we have less formatting to wrestle with in the stressful moments leading up to proposal submissions. I have started resources on creating your account and generating your first documents. Check out the resources page, as reference guides are starting to be posted, and how-to videos will be coming soon! ~ See you soon, Emily.

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